4Years Experience

Styles: Geometric, line work, script, dot work, black and grey realism.

RYAN @ Liverpool Tattoos

Time in the Tattoo Indusy

Ryan has been a professional tattoo artist for approximately four years, and his involvement in the industry extends over five years. This journey in the tattooing world has allowed him to develop and hone his skills, gaining valuable experience. His commitment to the art and his career in the field has grown over this half-decade, marking him as an experienced and dedicated professional in the tattoo industry.

Tattoo Journey 

Ryan’s entry into the world of tattooing began with a traditional apprenticeship, which laid the foundational skills and knowledge essential for his career. However, a significant portion of his expertise and proficiency in tattooing came from self-teaching. This self-directed learning allowed Ryan to explore various styles and techniques at his own pace, leading to a unique and personalized approach in his work. His ability to blend formal training with self-taught skills has contributed significantly to his development as a skilled and versatile tattoo artist.

Styles & Focus

Ryan has observed that over the years, his artistic ‘style’ has undergone a significant evolution, especially in terms of gaining confidence with black and grey tattooing. He specializes primarily in line work, but also expresses a strong passion for creating black and grey pieces, as well as dotwork.

In discussing his influences, Ryan mentions a particular fondness for dark-themed designs when working with black and grey. His line work often incorporates intricate mandala patterns, showcasing his attention to detail and appreciation for complexity. Additionally, in dotwork, he finds a unique and enjoyable form of expression. This combination of preferences and expertise in various styles and techniques underscores Ryan’s versatility and creative vision as a tattoo artist.

Memorable Experiences

Ryan recalls a particularly memorable tattoo project, which was a geometric design he created on a client’s leg. This project stands out for him because he was granted complete creative freedom. He fondly remembers how well the client’s skin accepted the ink and how flawlessly the tattoo healed. The success of this project was not just in the impeccable execution, but also in the seamless healing process, which is a testament to both his skill as a tattoo artist and the client’s care. This experience, where everything from artistic liberty to the physical outcome aligned perfectly, remains a highlight in Ryan’s career.

Connection with Clients

Ryan finds working with black and grey to always be a challenging yet immensely rewarding experience, especially upon completion of a piece. He also highlights the emotional significance of tattooing handwriting from people’s lost loved ones. For him, this aspect of his work is particularly fulfilling. Ryan takes great pride and finds deep satisfaction in being able to provide such a meaningful and personal service, helping people carry a lasting memory of their loved ones. His ability to capture the essence of these handwritten messages in his tattoos showcases not only his technical skill but also his sensitivity and understanding of the emotional value these tattoos hold for his clients.

Personal Interests

Regarding personal interests, Ryan is deeply invested in fitness, football, and family life. These interests play a significant role in his daily routine and overall well-being. His dedication to fitness demonstrates his commitment to health and physical well-being, while his love for football reflects his appreciation for teamwork, strategy, and sportsmanship. Family, being a central part of his life, indicates the value he places on close relationships and personal connections.