10 Years Experience

Styles: Black and grey realism, Script, Cover ups, Geometric, Abstract, Traditional , Illustrative , Neo tradional, Japanase, Trash polka, New school, Dotwork, Watercolour

JON @ Liverpool Tattoos

Time in the Tattoo Indusy

Jon, a seasoned tattoo artist, boasts an impressive 11-year journey in the world of tattooing. His initial foray into this art form began during his time in the army, where he started to develop his skills by tattooing during the weekends. This period marked the beginning of his deep-rooted passion for tattoo artistry.

Tattoo Journey 

After dedicating some time to honing his craft in these early stages, Jon made a significant decision to fully commit to his passion. He took the bold step of leaving his job, a move that enabled him to immerse himself completely in the world of tattooing. This commitment led to the opening of his own tattoo studio, a dream turned into reality for him.

Initially, Jon focused on traditional and Japanese styles, showcasing his versatility and respect for these time-honored tattooing traditions. However, as he progressed in his career, Jon recognized the need to adapt and expand his skill set to cater to a broader range of client demands. This adaptability not only signifies his dedication to his craft but also his willingness to evolve and grow as an artist, ensuring that he can meet the diverse needs and preferences of his clients. Through this journey, Jon has established himself as a well-rounded and skilled tattoo artist with a rich background and a forward-thinking approach to his art.

Styles & Focus

Jon is a versatile tattoo artist who endeavors to master all styles, but he has a particular affinity for color, especially in realism. His approach to tattooing is unique; he aims to create designs that resemble a painted style, bringing a distinctive artistic flair to his work. This preference for vivid, realistic tattoos that mimic the effect of paint on canvas demonstrates Jon’s artistic vision and skill. He enjoys the challenge of blending colors and crafting lifelike images on the skin, pushing the boundaries of traditional tattooing to create pieces that are not only tattoos but also exquisite works of art. His passion for colorful realism and painted-style tattoos sets him apart in the tattoo community, marking him as an artist who continually seeks to innovate and elevate his craft.

Memorable Experiences

In the early stages of his career, Jon had an experience that was both a learning moment and a memorable milestone. When he attempted his very first tattoo, which was a butterfly design, he practiced on fake skin. However, in his enthusiasm and focus on the task, he didn’t realize the intensity of his work. Jon inadvertently tattooed straight through the fake skin and onto the kitchen table beneath. This incident not only marks a humble beginning of his journey in tattooing but also highlights his dedication and deep concentration, traits that have undoubtedly contributed to his development as a skilled tattoo artist. This story is a testament to Jon’s commitment to his craft, starting from the very basics and learning through experience, a journey filled with both challenges and triumphs.

Connection with Clients

Jon prides himself on his ability to take his clients’ concepts and transform them into aesthetically pleasing tattoos. He understands that sometimes the ideas presented by clients may not be directly transferable into effective tattoo designs. In such instances, Jon takes a consultative approach. He carefully explains to his clients why certain ideas might not work as tattoos and demonstrates his expertise by suggesting alternatives or adjustments. His primary goal is to ensure that the final design not only meets but exceeds the client’s expectations while maintaining artistic integrity and visual appeal. Jon’s approach is not just about inking a design; it’s about collaborating with the client to create a piece of art that is both meaningful and beautiful.

Personal Interests

Jon balances his life as a tattoo artist with a variety of interests and hobbies that keep him both physically and mentally active. He is an avid gym-goer, finding both strength and solace in his regular workouts. Additionally, Jon is passionate about Thai boxing, a discipline that not only keeps him in excellent physical shape but also provides mental clarity and focus.

Beyond his fitness regimen, Jon is also an enthusiast of the arts. He enjoys painting, a hobby that complements his tattooing by allowing him to explore different mediums and styles, further enhancing his creativity.

Moreover, Jon is drawn to the great outdoors. He frequently engages in outdoor pursuits like hiking, immersing himself in nature and exploring different terrains. His love for adventure extends to water sports, where he embraces the thrill and challenge they offer. These activities not only provide him with a break from his work but also inspire and invigorate him, contributing to his overall well-being and artistic energy.