3 Years Experience

Styles: Black and grey realism, Script, Cover ups, Geometric, Abstract, Traditional , Illustrative , Neo tradional, Japanase, Trash polka, New school, Dotwork, Watercolour

Roly @ Liverpool Tattoos

Time in the Tattoo Indusy

Roly has been honing his skills in the art of tattooing for three and a half years. During this time, he has dedicated himself to mastering the craft, continually learning and evolving as an artist. This period of intensive growth has allowed Roly to develop a distinctive style and build a portfolio that reflects his passion and commitment to tattooing.

Tattoo Journey 

Roly’s journey into tattoo artistry began during a period when he found himself with an abundance of free time, which he chose to invest in drawing. This creative exploration led to a pivotal moment when a friend suggested he try tattooing. Intrigued by the idea, Roly delved into research about the tattooing world, and with each discovery, his interest and passion for the art form grew exponentially.

Initially, Roly’s work was heavily influenced by Neo-traditional styles, characterized by their bold lines and vibrant colors. However, as he immersed himself deeper into the craft, his artistic direction evolved, leading him towards the intricate and detailed world of realism. This transition in style reflects not only Roly’s growth as an artist but also his willingness to explore and master different facets of tattooing, constantly expanding his repertoire and challenging his own boundaries.

Styles & Focus

Roly’s artistic style is characterized by surrealism and intricate design, with a distinctive focus on the beauty of women’s portraits that he often infuses with fantasy elements. His work is a testament to his ability to blend the real with the imaginary, creating captivating and thought-provoking pieces. Roly specializes in tattoos that explore themes of beauty intertwined with surrealistic and fantastical twists, bringing a unique and imaginative perspective to traditional portraiture. The influence behind his designs stems from a deep appreciation for the surreal, where the boundaries of reality and fantasy blur, inspiring him to push the limits of conventional tattoo art. This approach not only sets Roly apart as an artist but also resonates with those who seek tattoos that tell a story beyond the surface.

Memorable Experiences

One of Roly’s most memorable tattoo projects was a captivating piece that featured a woman’s portrait seamlessly integrated with a fox’s head, adorned with flowers and incorporating an eye optical illusion. This particular work stood out to him because of its complexity and the creative challenge it presented. The process of bringing this imaginative concept to life was not only a test of his artistic skills but also a deeply rewarding experience. 

Roly takes great satisfaction in the process of transforming his clients’ visions into tangible art. Witnessing their reactions upon seeing the final product is an immensely gratifying aspect of his work. This project exemplified the unique joy that comes from successfully navigating the intricacies of a client’s idea and executing it in a way that exceeds their expectations. Such experiences reinforce Roly’s passion for tattoo artistry and his commitment to pushing the boundaries of his creative expression.

Connection with Clients

Roly adopts a collaborative approach when it comes to creating tattoos that truly reflect a client’s vision and story. Upon hearing a client’s request, he carefully considers their ideas, suggesting the best possible options to ensure the final design not only aligns with their vision but also maximizes the artistic and aesthetic potential of the piece. This process of collaboration involves a delicate balance between guiding the client towards the most effective realization of their concept and respecting their original ideas and preferences. Roly’s priority is to achieve the best outcome, where the client’s story and vision are brought to life through his expertise and creative input. This method underscores the importance he places on understanding and fulfilling his clients’ desires, ensuring a deeply personal and satisfying tattoo experience.

Personal Interests

Roly has always harbored a deep interest in art, a passion that has been a part of his life since his youth. Additionally, he has been engaged in dancing from a young age, showcasing his appreciation for various forms of artistic expression. Beyond the realm of art and dance, Roly enjoys football, spending quality time with friends, and playing pool. These hobbies offer him a well-rounded life outside of his professional endeavors as a tattoo artist.

A fun fact that many might find surprising is that Roly is known as the joker of the studio. This playful aspect of his personality not only adds a light-hearted atmosphere to his work environment but also reflects in his art, where his sense of humor and joy for life can subtly influence the creativity and vibrancy of his designs.


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