Liverpool Tattoos is committed to serving all clients with professionalism and fairness. If you encounter any concerns regarding your service or procedure at Liverpool Tattoo, we urge you to discuss it directly with your artist or piercer.

All artists and piercers at Liverpool Tattoos operate as independent professionals, managing their own businesses within our facility. They are accountable for their work, clientele, and procedures. Hence, any grievances should be addressed directly to the artist or piercer involved for resolution.

You have the right to submit a complaint either in writing or via email, and we will ensure it reaches the relevant artist or piercer if needed.

Email Address: [email protected]

Postal Address:

1 Burwen Dr, Liverpool L9 8DE

Concerning Procedure Complaints:

Your complaint will be forwarded to the Artist or Piercer responsible for the procedure. If an immediate solution isn’t feasible, you’ll receive a letter within 7 days, indicating that we’re investigating the issue and will respond promptly.

You might be asked to participate in a follow-up consultation with the Artist or Piercer to address and clarify your concerns.

Our goal is to provide a comprehensive written reply within 28 days. If this isn’t achievable, we’ll explain the reasons for the delay.

For Non-Procedure Related Complaints:

Issues not related to treatments will be managed entirely by the studio Manager or Directors.

If an immediate resolution isn’t possible, you’ll receive a letter within 7 days, confirming that we’re looking into the matter and will respond as soon as we can.

You might be invited for a discussion with a studio team member, possibly including the Directors, to address and clarify your concerns.

We strive to offer a detailed written response within 28 days. If we can’t meet this timeline, we’ll provide reasons for the delay.