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Neo-Traditional, Sailor Jerry, Gothic, Colored, Classic & Modern Japanese, Cartoony, Retro, Thick Line.

Female Tattoo Artist

Lou @ Liverpool Tattoos

Time in the Tattoo Indusy

Lou, a dynamic and passionate tattoo artist, has been practicing the art of tattooing for approximately one year. Her journey began with six months of self-taught exploration at home, followed by another six months of professional refinement in tattoo studios. Lou’s fascination with body art ignited at the tender age of 13, a time when she frequently found herself in trouble at school for her habit of drawing and painting on her own arms and hands. This early expression of creativity stemmed from her intrigue with the idea of using the human body as a canvas for artistic expression. She views tattooing as a fun and beautiful art form, which continues to be a significant source of inspiration for her.

Tattoo Journey 

Initially, Lou was drawn to the styles of neo-traditional and Sailor Jerry tattoos. However, as she evolved as an artist and as an individual, her artistic tastes broadened significantly. She developed a deep love for Gothic-style art and became increasingly enamored with color-intensive tattoos, particularly those influenced by both classic and modern Japanese art, including elements of classical Japanese aesthetics and contemporary manga. This progression in her artistic preferences has enabled Lou to cultivate a diverse range of styles within her tattooing repertoire, showcasing her ability to blend traditional influences with her unique personal and artistic growth.

Styles & Focus

Lou’s artistic style is distinctively gothic yet playful, a unique blend that is evident in her tattoo work. She relishes the opportunity to infuse her own creative twists into various designs, particularly excelling in styles that are cartoony and retro-focused, such as pin-up art. A hallmark of her work is the vibrant use of colors alongside the use of bold, thick lines, making each piece striking and expressive.

Her artistic influences are wide-ranging, drawing heavily from various forms of media like television, movies, and video games. This broad spectrum of inspiration allows her to craft personalized designs that carry her unique signature style. Lou particularly enjoys the process of adding her individual flair to these media-inspired tattoos, making them one-of-a-kind pieces for her clients.

Memorable Experiences

Reflecting on her career highlights, Lou vividly remembers the first tattoo she completed in a professional studio setting. She had prepared a set of flash designs, and the thrill of having a client choose one of her creations was an exhilarating experience. Completing that tattoo was a defining moment for her, solidifying her passion for the craft and confirming her belief that this was indeed her dream job.

Lou acknowledges the challenges that come with being a tattoo artist, but it’s precisely these challenges that make the profession so rewarding for her. The opportunity to meet and collaborate with a diverse range of people, each bringing their own stories and ideas, adds a layer of fulfillment to her work. This constant interaction and the ability to bring clients’ visions to life continue to fuel her passion and growth in the field of tattoo artistry.

Connection with Clients

For Lou, the collaboration with clients is a cornerstone of her tattooing process, a facet she considers vital regardless of whether the design originates from her creativity or is brought by the client. She invests considerable time, love, and effort in each tattoo, ensuring that the final result aligns perfectly with the client’s vision. Her approach to designing tattoos is deeply personal; she treats each project as if she were creating a tattoo for herself, which speaks to her commitment to quality and satisfaction.

Communication is a key element in Lou’s process. She maintains a transparent dialogue with her clients, keeping them informed about every aspect of the design process. This includes updates on any alterations or additions she makes, as well as discussions about the optimal placement and size for the tattoo. By doing so, she ensures that the client is not only a part of the journey but also feels comfortable and confident with the decisions made along the way.

Lou believes that effective communication is the backbone of a successful tattoo project. It allows for a mutual understanding and guidance between her and her clients, creating a collaborative environment that enhances the overall experience and outcome of the tattoo. This approach has been fundamental in forging her reputation as a tattoo artist who is not only skilled but also deeply attentive to her clients’ needs and visions.

Personal Interests

Lou’s passion for art extends far beyond the realm of tattooing, though it remains her favorite medium. Her artistic pursuits are diverse, encompassing activities such as painting, ceramics, embroidery, and clothing customization. This wide range of interests highlights the depth of her commitment to art, effectively making it an integral part of her life.

Despite her gothic appearance, which often leads people to assume she has a moody or intimidating personality, Lou frequently surprises those around her with her vibrant and cheerful disposition. Her interests are as colorful as her personality, with a particular fondness for cute, whimsical, and vibrant items, a contrast to her preference for wearing black. Additionally, Lou describes herself as a ‘huge nerd’, with a special affection for Japanese culture and a love for all things fluffy. This combination of interests and styles not only defines her unique character but also influences her artistic expression in various ways, adding a distinctive flair to her work across different mediums.